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Judy Delaney


Presentation strategy & design
Delivery coaching
Conference & AGM speaker coaching
Strategic facilitation
Change & transition facilitation
High Performing Team coaching
ICF Certified

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Stéphane Corbin


Corporate and technical writing
Presentation coaching
Executive Management
Risk, Strategic Planning, Governance, Performance
Relations: B2B, Government, Media
Engineering: Space, Airforce

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Danièle Dufour


Senior Coach
Corporate communications strategy
Presentation coaching
Communication consulting
PR planning
Stakeholder engagement
M&A and crisis communications

Jennifer Morrison

Jennifer Morrison


Creative Director
Visual communications design
Branding | Corporate identity
Presentations | Publishing
Web development
Image research | Editing
Content creation | Editing
Project management | Strategy

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Judy is on a mission


One day, early on in my career as marketing director, I watched our vice-president, a tall imposing man dressed in a black power suit, stride onstage to give a speech. As he reached the podium, I could see – we could all see – his trembling hands and the stress in his eyes. Was he nervous! That was bad enough, and then things got worse. When he started to speak nobody listened. As he tried to catch our attention, it was clear that he didn’t know how. He was visibly and painfully embarrassed and looked, well, powerless. The rest of his speech wasn't any better. Ouch.

That was a defining moment for me as I thought, “There’s got to be a better way. Nobody should have to go through this.” I decided then and there to make it my business: helping speakers perform effortlessly with calm, poise and power.


Presentations are complex so I needed to find a formula to allow anyone to present their ideas clearly and confidently. Over the years, I studied with the world’s top presentation and public speaking specialists, always looking for best practices for my clients to adopt to easily develop powerful speaking skills.


Although there were endless options, none had the efficiency, quality or breadth my clients needed to create exceptional presentations with ease.

When I couldn’t find the magic formula my clients deserved,
I created it.


Today, after using this exclusive methodology with 5500+ clients, it remains the best tool for creating exceptional presentations delivered by outstanding presenters.

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Thankful for their trust

Alberta AIM


Bombardier Transport


Canadian Marconi







Apple US


Business Development
Bank of Canada


Canadian National Railway (CN)


Hoffman Laroche


National Bank


Power Corporation



Bank of Canada


Canadian Tire


McKesson Canada


National Defense


Pratt & Whitney

Bell Canada


Canadian Aviation Electronics (CAE)








Via Rail

Proud of their feedback

This really sets it apart from other training sessions. The coaching is personal and focused which is very rewarding as a professional.
Manufacturing Senior Manager, Business Development

Coaching sessions made a huge difference. I feel I now have a full backpack of tricks and ammunition to speak in a crisp and clear manner. I developed a lot self-confidence.
Aerospace, Senior Manager, Customer Service

The course was a tremendous value. It’s one thing to understand the theory but it’s a whole other thing to apply it. Having your outside point of view really helped me creating a presentation that makes sense to audiences and delivers a clearer message.
Manufacturing Integration Strategist

For our company, the benefit of the program is the ability to create concise and clear presentations – which saves time for everyone attending.
Aerospace Manager

Judy really knows how to bring out the best of her clients and tailors her training to their unique needs. Her approach is well structured and easy to learn/repeat. The result = clear, powerful and memorable presentations.
Banking, Executive Communications

Best presentation course I received so far, and I attended many. I already onboarded a few tricks … and I think it started to pay off already.Very pleasant and constructive experience.
Manager, Mechanical Engineering-Manufacturing

Be brief.
Be bold.
Be brilliant.